Safeguarding in Sport

Brook Sports Consulting are delighted to be working with a number of sports organisations on safeguarding projects.

We have assisted the first national sports federation in South Africa, the South African Gymnastics Federation, to develop a comprehensive safeguarding policy and implement measures that seeks to safeguard children and vulnerable adults from harassment, abuse and exploitation.

We have undertaken an evaluation of ChildFund Pass It Back Safeguarding Project with World Rugby and Asia Rugby for ChildFund Australia.

We have developed a Safeguarding training package for practitioners working in UK Sport's International Partnership Programme.

We are assisting Western Province Athletics, South Africa, to develop a safeguarding policy and implement safeguarding measures and training.

We believe that children and adults should be able to participate in sport without fear of being harassed, abused or exploited and are looking forward to engaging in further safeguarding in sport projects in 2019.








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